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Association of British Columbia

Please make your ad selecton below, ensuring it matches your selection on the Ad Reservation Form.


Acceptable formats: Ads must be received in digital format compatible with Adobe software such as InDesign and Illustrator. Acceptable formats include:

  • .pdf - press quality with fonts outlined or font file provided.
  • .eps or .ai - with fonts outlined or font file provided.

See below if ad is designed with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Colour Options:

Back cover & inside covers:  Full colour (CMYK) or same as below.

Inside pages: Either black & white, or black & white with one spot colour: Pantone 7406 C.  Pantone 7406 C Please ensure the correct spot colour suffix is used (C). 

Common Colour Problems:

  • Ads with spot colour must use Pantone 7406 C or a lighter shade of it, not CMYK/RGB replicas.  The correct suffix (C) is also required.
  • Ads designed with software that does not support spot colour (e.g. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) must be black & white only.
  • Check that all black and greyscale elements are 100% black (K) and not a CMYK or RGB mix.

Please check ad specifications and size and complete the Ad Reservation form before sending files.

If requested, your ad can be prepared for a fee.

Inside front and back covers and back cover full colour and black and white are sold out for 2019.

Please contact our office for more information.  office@lgma.ca or 250.383.7032.

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